Arlington Heights, IL (April 2, 2015) — The Association of Business Information & Media Companies (ABM) recently announced the 2015 Jesse H. Neal Award winners, with Building Design+Construction’s editorial team collecting two Neal awards in two separate categories. Established in 1955, ABM’s Jesse H. Neal Award is recognized as the “Pulitzer Prize of the business press.” The winners, selected for exhibiting journalistic enterprise, service to the industry and editorial craftsmanship, were announced at a banquet on March 27.

Building Design+Construction (BD+C), published by SGC Horizon, received a Neal Award in the Best Newsletter category for its “Daily 5” eNewsletter, which delivers industry news 5x/week to an audience of commercial building architects, engineers, developers, owners and other related Building Team members.

In the Best-Subject-Related Package category, SGC Horizon publications dominated as three out of the four finalists, with BD+C’s “Technology Report 2014” and its “School Security: Can Design Prevent Another Sandy Hook?” series competing for the award, along with sister publication Professional Builder’s “Housing Giants 2014” feature. BD+C’s “Technology Report 2014” earned the category’s 2015 Neal Award.

BD+C’s “Construction Technology Reports: BIM, Virtual Reality, Big Data” coverage was one of four finalists in another category: Best Technical Content.

“It’s a huge honor to be recognized by our peers with these prestigious awards,” says BD+C Editorial Director David Barista. “We are extremely happy to carry on BD+C’s long tradition of journalism integrity and professionalism.”

SGC Horizon and Scranton Gillette Communications’ publications had a total of 11 finalist honors in the 2015 Neal Awards Competition, and three Neal Award captures, including Professional Builder’s award for Contributing Editor Scott Sedam’s columns in the Best Commentary category. In addition, Professional Builder’s Editorial Director Denise Dersin was the first-ever recipient of the Marianne Dekker Mattera Mentor Award, established in 2015 to recognize an editor whose dedicated mentoring of less-experienced and younger colleagues has helped advance their careers in B2B media.

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