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Communication pioneers




Established in 1905, Scranton Gillette Communications began as a Chicago-based publishing company serving the transportation construction industry. In the past decade, the ARTBA Transportation Development Foundation (ARTBA-TDF) named Scranton Gillette Communications founder Halbert Powers Gillette as one of the foundation’s “Top 100 Private Sector Transportation Construction Professionals of the 20th Century.” To this day, Roads & Bridges magazine and its online products and supplements, including Traffic & Transit, continue to deliver breaking news, product updates and in-depth reporting to the industry audience it has served so well for more than a century.

Since that initial venture into publishing, Scranton Gillette Communications has added B2B print, digital, event and Web products that serve as a communications link to a host of industries, in addition to transportation, water purification, storm water and erosion control, water and wastewater, residential lighting and home furnishings design, healthcare imaging technology and cardiology diagnostics, construction equipment, residential construction, commercial construction, and pipe organ and church music.

Today, Scranton Gillette Communications is helmed by CEO Edward Gillette, great-grandson of the founder, whose company growth philosophy is soundly based on “what makes sense” and maintaining the agility to react quickly to changing market conditions.

  • SGC Horizon launches Nimble Thinkers, a full service marketing agency.

  • Scranton Gillette Communications launched Furniture, Lighting & Decor.

  • Scranton Gillette Communications launched MAX Unified Audience Database a diverse media technology platform.

  • Scranton Gillette Communications launched SGC Horizon LLC focused on the residential and commercial building and heavy construction markets.

  • Scranton Gillette Communications acquired the Lighting & Decor Group.

  • Founder, Halbert Powers Gillette, named as one of the “Top 100 Private Sector Transportation Construction Professionals of the 20th Century” by the ARTBA Transportation Development Foundation (ARTBA-TDF).

  • A fourth generation of the family becomes active in the firm when Edward S. Gillette, now CEO, joins Scranton Gillette Communications. He is the son of H.S. Gillette.

  • The company name was changed to its current form, Scranton Gillette Communications, Inc. and E.S. Gillette became Chairman of the Board and his son H.S. Gillette was appointed president.

  • The firm’s name was changed to Scranton Gillette Publishing Company and E.S. Gillette became president.

  • H.P. Gillette steps down and his son E.S. Gillette becomes publisher.

  • The firm’s name was changed to The Gillette Publishing Company.

  • The Diapason is launched.