Arlington Heights, Illinois, May 15, 2019

Arlington Heights, Illinois, May 15, 2019 – The American Society of Business Publication Editors (ASBPE) has announced its 2019 National Awards of Excellence Winners. Scranton Gillette Communications/SGC Horizon earned a total of ten awards across five industries, including residential construction, construction, infrastructure, water, and healthcare.

Winning brands include Professional Builder, which earned Magazine of the Year, as well as and Construction Equipment, within the SGC Horizon brand family. National Azbee Award winners from Scranton Gillette Communications brands include Roads & Bridges, Diagnostic and Interventional Cardiology, Imaging Technology News, and the Water Infrastructure Group, comprised of Water & Wastes Digest, Industrial Water & Wastes Digest, Storm Water Solutions and Water Quality Products.

“We continue to produce superior content across all platforms,” said Ed Gillette, CEO of Scranton Gillette Communications. “This recognition is indicative of the great teams we have, and where we’re headed as an organization,” added Gillette.

“SGC Horizon is extremely pleased to be awarded the honor of Magazine of the Year along with its other national awards from ASBPE,” said Tony Mancini, SGC Horizon Group Publisher – Principal. He added, “Our company is obsessed with delivering market leading content with all of our properties, and the 2019 Azbee awards are a fantastic recognition of that content leadership.”

The awards were announced on May 10, at the National Azbee Awards of Excellence banquet, held in conjunction with GenerationB2B, the 2019 ASBPE National Conference at the St. Petersburg, FL-based Poynter Institute. One of the most competitive award programs for trade media, the Azbees highlight editorial, online and design excellence in magazines, newsletters and digital media. For the 2019 awards, ASBPE reported receiving more than 1,000 entries across 68 categories.

The following is a detailed summary of the winning Scranton Gillette Communications and SGC Horizon brands, categories and submissions which received 2019 ASBPE National Awards.

Professional Builder, an SGC Horizon brand, was awarded Magazine of the Year (in the more than $3M revenue category). Additionally, Professional Builder received two National Gold Azbee Awards for two print submissions, one in the Print category for “Play Ahead,” and another for its “Risk Diverse” submission in the All Content category., also an SGC Horizon product, earned a National Gold Azbee for its online video submission of “An Insulated Floating Subfloor over a (Slabless) Slab.”

Construction Equipment earned two National Bronze Azbee Awards in the Print category: one for its “Annual Report & Forecast,” to which Roads & Bridges and Water & Wastes Digest contributed, and one for “Telematics Contribute to Project Success” article.

Roads & Bridges earned a Gold National Azbee Award in the Print category for its coverage of the Florida International University bridge collapse. “This is a great honor, and our strong editorial staff deserves all the credit,” said Roads & Bridges Publisher Brandon Williamson. He added, “We pride ourselves on the ability to fully report on events and keep our readers informed.”

Imaging Technology News earned an Overall Excellence Honorable Mention in the Cross Platform Package of the Year category for its “Cross Platform Coverage of a Hospital” submission.

Diagnostic and Interventional Cardiology earned a National Bronze Azbee Award for its online submission, “DAIC Reaches 100,000 People or More Each Month on Social Media.”

The Water Infrastructure Group (consisting of Storm Water Solutions, Water & Wastes Digest, Industrial Water & Wastes Digest, and Water Quality Products), earned an Overall Excellence Award – Top Ten Recognition, for its “Delaying Day Zero” submission.

ASBPE’s Azbee Awards of Excellence honor the best in business-to-business media, recognizing outstanding work by B2B, trade association and professional publications.

In April, Scranton Gillette Communications/SGC Horizon won a total of 16 Upper Midwest Region Azbee Awards.

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