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There’s an App for That: Brand-Boosting Marketing Apps 


There’s an App for That: Brand-Boosting Marketing Apps 

Mobile apps these days are more than just a fun diversion to be used during downtime. Sure, playing word games on your phone or streaming your favorite ’80s sitcom to pass the time has its place, but with app downloads exploding and everyone turning to easy, online solutions, it’s no wonder that business and marketing apps are dominating, as well. For businesses of any size, marketers share a clear and constant goal—reaching new customers and getting them to actively engage with their brand. And, with remote work the current (and future, most likely) way of the world, accomplishing that connectivity by means of a handheld device means apps are taking center stage.

With thousands of marketing apps hitting the scene, choosing which ones will work best for your own business and budget is a personal choice, but here are some suggestions that can help you do your due diligence.

Don’t let budgetary concerns stop you from branding your company like a pro. If you’re looking for free or low-cost mobile apps for marketers, here are some top picks to help with everything from social media and image publication to grammar tools and tracking analytics. 

  • Buffer, an app aimed at helping users build their brand and grow their audience on social media.
  • Canva’s new app allows users to create professional images for social media.
  • Google Analytics helps digital marketers track business metrics.
  • Grammarly Keyboard automatically scans writing for typos and grammatical errors.
  • Hootsuite, a social media management tool.
  • Later, an app that allows users to schedule and publish posts for Instagram at their own convenience.
  • Mention is an app designed to monitor social media, blog posts and news sites to keep track of what’s being published about your brand.
  • Over, a graphic design app geared toward editing images and videos to create compelling content.
  • Plai app combines analytics reports from Google Ads, Google Analytics and YouTube.


Here are some additional B2B marketing apps that have a particular focus on the important business strategies of connectivity and collaboration (with both customers and internal teams) and automation. 

  • AirTable, a productivity app providing a unique spreadsheet/collaboration solution.
  • Rep app, “an influencer marketing platform,” offers brands and other influencers a marketplace to connect and collaborate.
  • Shotzr is a photography app that uses AI and machine learning tools to help automate image selection.
  • Slack, an app designed to bring teams together in “channels” for better collaboration.
  • Unbounce, a landing page builder as well as a sales conversion platform.
  • Zapier, an automation app that has found itself on the Forbes Cloud 100.


Then, of course, there’s social media. Statistics show that just about 50 percent of the world’s population uses social media. Chances are, your company already has some presence on social media platforms in order to connect with customers, increase brand awareness, generate leads and—if executed well—convert to sales. It can take a lot of time and effort, though, to maintain a good social media strategy and stay organized. That’s where social media tools can help. 

According to Hootsuite, the best social media apps include these four essential platforms:

Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram. Of course, there are others, too, but those four represent the biggest social platforms.

Hootsuite then takes it a step further, listing out 16 of the best social media apps and tools for marketers. These are:

1. Planoly

2. Crello

3. Facebook Pages Manager

4. Fastory

5. Captiona

6. Storyheap

7. Hootsuite Composer

8. Botletter

9. Story Slicer

10. Apple Clips

11. Campsite

12. CutStory for Instagram Stories

13. Adobe Premiere Clip

14. Keyhole

15. Hootsuite Analytics

16. Hemingway App



While this is by no means an exhaustive list, these apps are a great starting point to putting powerful and effective marketing tools right in the palm of your hand.