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A personal touch can reduce acquisition costs by as much as 50%, bolster revenues by up to 15%, and increase the efficiency of marketing dollars spent by up to 30%.


Experts agree that when strategizing to move your construction business forward in 2022, content marketing needs to take a front seat to drive success.

Recent data indicates that video content in general ranks as one of the most influential marketing formats.

Who are you? That simple question is at the heart of defining your brand—the core identity of your company and how it is perceived.

Given the fact that homeowners and commercial clients alike have access to a tremendous amount of information—all the time—flywheel marketing, as it relates to customer retention, satisfaction, and building brand loyalty cannot be overstated.

Here are some key steps construction firms can take today to ensure success moving forward.

These days, increasing your online exposure in order to get noticed (not just by a wider audience but by your target audience) is especially important as the pandemic brought everyone to the digital space in record numbers.

More recently, disruptive innovations in business and technologies have given way to disruptive marketing, a means by which companies can grab audience attention and market share by presenting themselves in a unique, out-of-the-box way.

Creating and maintaining a strong online presence filled with relevant and useful industry information is key—whether through blogs, video, advertorials, podcasts, case studies, or on social media platforms.

The resilience of digital marketing efforts in the face of the COVID crisis is proof that building industry brand marketers need to adapt their strategies to meet customers where they are … and they are increasingly online.